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Wind Art Work and Design

One application of the Windside Wind Turbine is Wind Art Work. The concept here sees the turbine incorporated into the artwork to provide its own lighting. In this joint creation of an art and engineering, beauty, function and ecology are combined. All the advantages of the turbine together with the beautiful design and use of colour create a highly individual artwork that can be appreciated day or night.

In Windside, expediency and beauty unite into a modern energy-producing solution, which provides the user with unique operational reliability.

The Windside Wind Turbine is soundless and ecologically safe – characteristics that enable installation even in the midst of a densely populated urban areas: in parks, nature reserves, at roadside rest points or combined with buildings.

The systems strength – optimal design and high quality materials – guarantee high endurance and performance even in the harshest of environments and ensures the safety of the environment, inhabitants and wildlife.

Design a unique entity – we provide the solution!

Design Art Gallery

Pictures on the top of the page: left: Wind compass, design by Kankyo Design Kikoh and Sophia Engineering, Fukuoka, Japan. Right: Synergia, design by Pekka Jauhiainen, Oulu, Finland.

Click on the thumbnails to view large images.

Hitachi Center in Japan Good Design Award, Japan WS Turbine and solar panel, Japan Synergy Wind Art, Oulu WS-2B in Japan
Hitachi Center: WS-0,30C producing energy for the lights of the sign in the tower. Sophia Engineering, Japan. Best Design: WS-0,30B in park light system. Sophia Engineering, Japan. WS & Panel: WS-0,30C together with a solar panel. Sophia Engineering, Japan. Synergy Art: Wind art work Synergia in Oulu, Finland. Desing by Pekka Jauhiainen (see the bigger picture on the top of the page). WS-2B Japan: WS-2B in Japan. Sophia Engineering, Japan.
WS-0,30C in Japan
WS-0,30C: WS-0,30C in Japan. Sophia Engineering, Japan.

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