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This is a link for US Geological Survey
In this link US Geological Survey states their need of a "Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Manufacturer that has a proven experience of at least proven 10 - 15 year selling wind turbines that have been placed in North Sea, Antarctic, Sahara Desert and Pacific islands, that are known for the harsh environment". In this same document the US Geological Survey states that "the Government considers the specified supplies and services as a sole source procurement from Oy Windside Production Ltd, Finland, and proposes to negotiate a contract with that firm on that basis."

Windside turbines at University of Vaasa, Finland
( CLICK on LIVE VIDEO on the upper left. In this link you see two live videos of 2 wind turbines WS-0,30B on the right and one WS-4B on the left)

Windside online:


http://www.yrittajat.fi/sy/ay1/yrittaja/home.nsf/pages/Tspiraali - In Finnish language

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