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Global Installations

Windside Wind Turbines are already in use in over 30 countries, all the way from the Nordic Sea, via The Sahara Desert to Antarctica. So far they are used mainly in professional applications. Examples being measuring, signaling and telecommunication systems.

Click on the thumbnails to see some examples of Windside installations around the world.
WS- 0,30C in Northern Finland, (-35 C). Windside turbines have been used in Lappland over ten years. WS Turbine on the top of the water tower in Sahara desert in +50 C WS-0,30C and WS-0,15 producing electricity for the free-time house in Lappland, Finland Circumstances in Finland at winter time (-47 C)
WS-2B in a tele communication tower in Middle-Asia WS-0,30C giving lights for a cot. The mast acts as a chimney WS-0,30A with automatic lubrication system in a buoy in the Pacific Ocean WS-2A waiting for assembling into a telelink tower in Kyrgyzstan
Assembling work of two WS-0,30A in a buoy WS-4B in Earth Centre, England River boat
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