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Oy Windside Production Ltd

- Wind Energy Solutions for Extreme Conditions

Windside wind turbines for battery charging are a unique and ecological solution for energy production wherever energy is needed. They have been developed to meet the requirements of the most demanding professional use in the harshest of environments: Their unique design features ensure, high efficiency, long life span, durability and an absolute minimum of maintenance.

Watch our turbines in action

If you can't see the video of Windsides spinning turbines above (requires that Windows Media Player is installed) you can download the wmv-file by clicking here.

Energy from Wind

Windside Wind Turbines convert free wind energy into electricity for battery charging. Users of this free energy are independent. Independent of the electricity grid, independent of tariff changes and free to choose their own location. Power production from wind turbines is affected by certain conditions, wind speed, turbulence and the changes of wind direction. These conditions are not always as optimal as in sales speeches and have negative affects on most turbines. The one turbine least affected by these conditions is the Windside Wind Turbine. (see test results section)

Why The Windside Wind Turbines are the best on the market?

Quite simply Windside Wind Turbines work when others don’t ! In the gentlest of summer breezes and in violent winter storms. When others fail due to frost, ice, snow or high winds Windside Wind Turbines continue to produce. Windside Wind Turbines will produce at least 50 % more electricity in a year than traditional propeller models. Many things make the Windside Wind Turbines extraordinary and their total life cost make them the best value for money.


Windside Wind Turbines are constructed of high quality durable materials to ensure free production of electricity for many years even in the harshest of environments. Their design ensures a minimum requirement for maintenance. When other turbines have failed Windside Wind Turbines continue to produce. A Windside Wind Turbine will probably still be working long after the purchaser.

On Nature’s Terms

Windside Wind Turbines are soundless. (0 db) They do not kill birds or people. For these reasons they are safe to use in population centres, public spaces, parks, wildlife parks and on buildigs. They are also beautiful and in many cases have been used to combine art and functionality.


Windside Wind Turbines can be used wherever electricity is needed. If there is no grid or supply is unreliable or where emergency power is required independent of the grid. Windside Wind Turbines are currently used in the extreme climates of Antarctica, The Sahara Desert and the middle of the Pacific Ocean. For these users there is no compromise and only one turbine meets their requirements.

Windside Wind Turbines send signals, pump water, provide heat, light, ventilation all things that need electrical power in the remotest, harshest of environments.

Extraordinary. The Best.