Windside turbines for professional use
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Estonian lighthouse

Professional use

Windside Wind Turbines have been designed for the most demanding professional use in the harshest of environments. Completely self contained and automatic Windside Wind Turbines are operating in the extremes of climate. From the freezing Antarctic with its ice and snowstorms, to the heat and sandstorms of the Sahara Desert, to the wet, stormy and corrosive atmosphere of the Pacific Ocean. Due to the Windside Wind Turbine design its installation and operating procedures are easy even in the most primitive of circumstances. The turbines uses are almost limitless, wherever electrical power is required it can be used; pumping water, house or street lighting, telecommunications towers, heating ventilating air conditioning, remote signal and surveillance equipment, lighthouses, gas and oil platforms, ships and boats.

Professional product gallery

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Buoy in Japan WS-2A in telecommunication mast in Middle Asia WS-0,15B turbines survive the antarctican winter as the first ones in the world

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